TVRE3Torres is a mixed residence for students over 18 years, that takes up two buildings in the neighbourhood of Sarrià in Barcelona. It has more than 30 places provide a warm and family feeling. A human dimension that helps you focusing on your studies and brings harmony with colleagues.

Life around the residence requires a settled structure in all areas where people from different origins and with diverse interests live together. Setting a timetable and some basic rules makes easier harmony by residents.

Years of study are a chance to develop living and personal habits. In RE3Torres, we will take care of you, supporting assisting you with any issues related to study, and also personal and social habits that involve human and academic improvement. We will further accompany residents who wish to receive spiritual guidance, according to the principles of the Catholic Church.habitacio1

RE3Torres promotes values ​​of Christian humanism, which encourage coexistence, personal freedom, responsibility, solidarity, tolerance, equality, respect and justice. We believe it helps to overcome all types of discrimination.

In summary, RE3Torres is a space to improve study and work habits of every single person. Naturally and positively, we create dynamics that foster cohesion and cooperation among residents are created.








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If you come to study in Barcelona, welcome to our city. Surely you've chosen one of the best choices among the most important university cities of Europe...

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In RE3 Torres, our aim is to make things easier for our residents. That’s why accommodation includes full board, as well as the option to take your lunch at the faculty...

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Our own style


RE3Torres is a mixed residence for students over 18 years, that takes up two buildings in the neighborhood of Sarrià in Barcelona. Its 30 places provide a warm and familiar feeling...

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social work


RE3Torres is owned by Fundació Casa de Misericòrdia de Barcelona (FCMB). It is a private charitable foundation. It was founded in 1584 driven by venerated Didac Perez...

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